Nationals: TT, Road and Criterium

So, three different types of Nationals are now behind us. Three with very good results for Team Tre Berg-Bianchi.

The 50km TT was the first in row and I had a good run. Took the silver medal only 21 seconds back on gold medalist Gustav Larsson (Cult Energy). As a bonus together with my two teammates we took the gold medal in teams classification (the three best individual TT times per team).

Second up was the 190km road race as we were aiming specifically to win. We had a great setup and the tactic worked our way to put Alexander Gingsjö from Team Tre Berg-Bianchi on top of the podium, and he did it solo!

The Criterium Champs was another great ride from the team. After 60min + 3 laps putting the team in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th place with me on the top shelf. Something I will remember for a long time!

What a team! A pleasure riding with you all!


Tour of Norway UCI 2.HC, Tour des Fjords UCI 2.1 and record around VätternRundan

Since last time i wrote we have done a lot of race days with Team Tre Berg-Bianchi. We headed to Norway and the highlight of the year with the UCI category 2.HC race Tour of Norway and then directly into Tour des Fjords UCI 2.1.

We were doing it very good and claimed glory through breakaways and as a team putting riders up front of the race showing off the team colors. We had a few top 20s with the best placed rider as 7th during stage 3 of Tour des Fjords. Norway is a spectacular country with the fjords and snow covered mountaintops and I will be happy to do the races again, great to be at that level of cycling again!

The past week was spent in Sweden to try to go for a new record around our lake Vättern. The almost 300km sportive has been a benchmark for Swedish cyclists. It is maybe not a proper race but the question you get from a swede is; How fast are you going around the lake? The 300km version is covered by 23000 riders every year, mostly from Sweden but also from rider all over the world.

To build up to this event we did Bianchi Vättern GP, a criterium race 2 days before VätternRundan. We made it very good and covered every move, every break. Marcus Fåglum Karlsson managed to ride solo to win it for Team Tre Berg-Bianchi as the other of us took 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th place.

We had a good plan at VätternRundan. As Bianchi had the group (starting 30 riders per group) they were choosing 18 riders to help out breaking the old record of 6h37min together with the 9 riders of Team Tre Berg-Bianchi. A total of 27 riders was starting the 300km. The crosswinds in the beginning of the race was hard for the group and already after 100km we were down at 12 riders. After 150km we had 9 riders left taking turns and after 180km it was only the 8 of us left out there. But the 8 of us, 5 of Team Tre Berg-Bianchi and 3 of Bianchi, was sticking together all the way to the finish. We made it in the end and the new record around Vättern is 6h33min. A very good ride by us all, taking benefit of every rider in the group in one way or the other.

Today we´re already in Austria for the four days of OberÖsterich Rundfarth. It will be the final preparations for Nationals.

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